I think "Jeopardy" is probably one of the best game shows on TV and occasionally I'll watch an episode. To tell you the truth, if you ever wanted to gauge just how much you don't know, watch some "Jeopardy".

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When I do watch, I have to think to myself, "how the hell do these people know all this stuff?"  I have noticed that a lot of contestants have some difficulty with "pop culture" type questions but ask them what the Queen of England's blood type is and they are all over it.

Maybe I'm just more of a "Family Feud" or "Wheel of Fortune" type of guy.  You know, those game shows that don't make you think too hard.

Recently a woman from Chanhassen, Minnesota made an appearance on "Jeopardy" and did pretty well.  Her name is Emily Sands and she won 3 days in a row on the game show.

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The shows were filmed in late February and early March but it was a much longer process for Sands to actually get on the game show.  Sands sent in her application 2 years ago, so it was quite a wait to actually get to the filming stage of things.

Pegged by fans as an aggressive player, Sands wagered large sums of money at the right times.  According to The JeopardyFan.com, she only missed 16 questions out of 103, went 6 for 8 on Daily Doubles and a perfect 4 for 4 on Final Jeopardy. Not bad!

Sands talked to Southwest News Media and said "It was the experience of a lifetime. it's crazy, because you watch these shows and somebody wins — so why not me, why not you? Give it a shot."

Congratulations to Emily Sands and thanks for making Minnesota look pretty smart to the rest of the country.

Check out the video below

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