It just seems so odd to me that the legalization of recreational marijuana is still not a done deal in Minnesota. Granted, Minnesota politicians are working on it but it sure seems to be taking a long time.

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Last weekend there was a snowmobile accident in Hubbard County, according to Seems a snowmobile rider named Christopher Crew, 43 was riding his snowmobile down 460th Street in Guthrie Township when he rear ended a pick-up and trailer.

The driver of the pick-up, Jamie Hunt, 47 of Laporte was backing out of his driveway when the snowmobile plowed into Hunt's truck and trailer. Hunt tended to Crew after the accident and called 911. He then left the scene. Crew was found lying in the road with pretty serious leg injuries from the crash when deputies arrived.

While deputies were at the scene they picked up a strong odor of marijuana coming from a nearby home, which so happened to be Jamie Hunt's house. Deputies obtained a search warrant for Hunt's house and found about 80 marijuana plants and some other pot in jars.

Hunt was located and arrested several hours later and Crew was transported to a Bemidji hospital by ambulance. No further information on Crew's condition.

Hoping Christopher Crew makes a complete recovery and Jamie Hunt gets his legal problems straightened out. Oh yeah, and Minnesota just legalizes recreational pot so authorities don't have to waste their time on busts like this. Just my opinion.


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