A person would think there is probably a good reason that any law got passed and put on the books. It really makes you wonder exactly what happened to deem these laws necessary.

Did you know that every man in Brainerd is required to grow a beard. What happens if you are unable to grow a beard? Prison?  I would think one could easily weasel out of this one.

In Hibbing, it is the duty of a police officer to kill stray cats.

In Duluth it is against the law to let animals sleep in a bakery. I feel better about ordering bear claws now.

It's illegal to tease skunks in Minnesota. I would think a mental evaluation would be in order if you are teasing skunks.

In Minneapolis, it's illegal for red cars to drive down Lake Street. What the hell kind of chaos did a red car cause that prompted this law?


In the state of Minnesota, no person shall be convicted of drunkenness or public drunkenness. Actually a real law. Drink up!

In St Cloud, hamburgers can not be eaten on Sundays.  Lock me up

In Wayland, anyone can keep their cow on Main Street downtown at the cost of 3 cents per day. Someone should test this one.

And finally, there is a ten cent bounty on every rat's head you turn in to a city office.

(Source, Minnesota Fun Facts)

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