You may remember the initial story about this attack that happened last November just 24 hours after the major news outlets called the 2020 Presidential election for Joe Biden.

The man, Mark Anthony Ulsaker, let his anger over the election results get the better of him. He was accused and convicted of attacking an elderly couple that was standing on the corner of Highway 96 & Centerville Road in White Bear Lake.

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According to the complaint against Ulsaker a self professed Trump supporter, multiple people that witnessed the attack called 911 and reported a bald, stocky man was attacking an elderly couple with a golf club. The elderly man was also punched in the head after the golf club Ulsaker was beating the couple with, broke.

The elderly woman, that was attacked, followed Ulsaker to his pickup that was parked at a nearby Walgreens and witnesses wrote down his license plate number.

The elderly couple, in their 70s/80s, told police they were just standing on the corner with their homemade Biden sign when the attack occurred.  Initially, Ulsaker pulled up to the couple in his red pickup and shouted an obscenity at them which they just ignored. Soon after, he was seen stomping toward them with a golf club.


With the man's license number, police were able to track down Ulsaker at his home. When they tried to arrest him he swung at one of the officers according to the complaint.

Two charges of assault were dismissed and Ulsaker was sentenced to 5 years probation and 100 hours of community service on two counts of threats of violence. also, as part of the sentence, Ulsaker is restricted from owning weapons and is unable to vote until he completes his probation requirements, which is standard in sentencing guidelines.

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