With the travel industry suffering due to the pandemic, you'd think chances of scoring a job in travel would be a tough nut to crack.  Even after a year of low travel volume, movers and shakers in the industry are predicting that travel is bound to pick up as we go through 2021.

Federal Workers Man Security Posts at O'Hare
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Right now in Minnesota, airport traffic in down about 60 percent at St Paul International Airport (MSP). This can't go on much longer. Vaccines are being rolled out and more and more Americans are being vaccinated. This means more and more people are bound to start traveling once again. God know we are all getting that traveling bug.

It looks like 2021 is going to be a transition year and local TSA's are looking to hire more people in anticipation of the forecasted bounce back of the travel industry. In fact, things are looking like the Summer months are going to see an increase in people traveling.

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In anticipation of this upcoming travel by many, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced this past week that they are looking to fill 6000 Transportation Security Officer at 430 major airports in the U.S.  this, of course, includes Minnesota. MSP, Bemidji and Thief River Falls in Minnesota are all going to be hiring.

This looks like it could be a pretty cool gig. Imagine all the weirdness you'd get to witness working with the traveling public. The benefits are pretty good, too.  According to the TSA, new hires would be eligible for medical coverage, vacation, medical leave and retirement plans.

A full-time TSO starts at a $37,014 annual salary. Applications are open to those of all backgrounds and "the TSA is committed to a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment".

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