Announced on Wednesday, the Governor's new order is now a "Stay Safe Minnesota" instead of the "Stay at Home Minnesota" order.

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In short, what this is, is basically saying that you should still probably stay home and stay safe, but it does allow for businesses to reopen and get Minnesotans back to work.  There has been so much back and forth on this. Some people are like "totally open everything up" while others are totally on the other side of that with "extend the stay at home".  Me- I'm kind of in the middle.  Avoid large crowds, but if you need to get some things, do what you need to do, but do it wisely.

So, this order officially ends on Monday, May 18th.  That day retail businesses can open.  But, with that said, they need to have a plan in place for social distancing and to keep Minnesotans safe.  Gov Walz has encouraged people to wear a mask in public where it's difficult to social distance like a grocery store.

So, what exactly is allowed?

You can have a small group gathering... like up to 10 people.  Still needing to keep the 6 feet apart recommendation.  But I see that as sitting around a fire-pit.  That's a go!  You can go to drive-in activities, like a theatre, or something of the like... but you need to stay in your car.

What CAN'T you do?

Basically anything that involved more than 10 people not from the same household.  Like no concerts, indoor theatres, sporting events, fundraisers that aren't online, parades, festivals...anything that would involve a crowd of people gathered at one time at one place.

Some malls will be opening during this time.  This is allowed being that they are a retail facility.  But they need to have a plan in place. But different malls are making their own decisions.  Crossroads mall in St. Cloud is opening Monday, the 18th.  They will have reduced hours.  Rosedale Mall in Roseville will be opening on Monday as well. The Mall of America is waiting until June 1.  So, if you are interested in going to a mall, check their social media pages or websites for more information.

Bars and restaurants will be allowed to reopen on June 1. Again, they need to have a safety plan in place for social distance.  That means reduced capacity, and probably some disposable menus and other "new" ways to keep people safe.

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