If one of your goals for 2024 is to get into a better paying job, this might be for you. I say “might”, because this job by its nature has plenty of challenges.

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The Sherburne County Sheriff's Office is hiring new Corrections Officers. They are seeking qualified applicants and say that they can match your earnings if you’re working in the corrections field.

The post for this job opening says that the starting pay can be as high as $81,411. I’m sure reaching this amount depends on your qualifications. I reached out to some of the folks I know in North Carolina who have worked in this field, and they say anywhere close to this salary is extremely rare for that vocation there.

Keep in mind that according to ziprecruiter.com, the average salary in Minnesota is $51,577 or $24.80 per hour.

When it comes to any job, there’s more than just pay that impacts the consideration, what about the benefits?

The benefits for this position include:

- Comprehensive Retirement Plans

- Uniform Allowance

- Tuition Reimbursement

- On-Site Employee/Family Health Clinic

- Free/Low-Cost Insurance Health and Wellness Incentive

- 21 Days of Paid Time Off per year

- Paid Parental Leave

- Fitness Incentive

I mentioned the challenges of this job, of course you’re helping to guard people who have allegedly done something to be in jail. I’ve talked to enough people who have done this type of job and a few that have been behind bars, and both groups identify this is a job that can turn quickly.

But I’ve also talked to enough people from both camps who say that a corrections officer can help make a difference in a situation that can be tense every day.

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