This ongoing pandemic has brought on anxiety to many Minnesotans.  It's caused sleepless nights, financial stress, family stress, lonliness in some cases, and some other forms of anxiety in one way or another.

Lucy / Townsquare Media
Lucy / Townsquare Media

If you do suffer from anxiety, almost anywhere you look on the internet, you will find some kind of remedy from breathing exercises, regular exercise, meditation, etc.  And this remedy was also found on the internet, but it's really kind of strange. And also strange how it actually does work.

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According to this website of Facts About the Human Body that are Mind Boggling, we find that if you hold your thumb out in front of you and blow on it, it will relieve some of your stress.  Me, the always skeptic, questioned it and had to try it.  It does seem to work.  Although it seems like a very temporary fix, it does seem to work for a bit and therefore, worth it.  You might feel a little weird doing it too, but oh well, if it works, go for it!

Some other strange facts that this site talks about are things like how human teeth are just as strong as a shark's teeth.  If you blush, your stomach blushes too.  Who would notice that?    Or how about the (gross) fact that there are more bacteria in your mouth at any one time than there are people on the planet.  YUCK!  Or the fact that when you are born, you have more bones in your body than you do as an adult.  Why? Apparently some of them fuse together as we grow, so that mean less total bones.

Check out more interesting facts here.  Hey- it's useless knowledge that could possibly help you out on Jeopardy if you are ever chosen to be on the show.  Maybe.

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