These last 2 weeks haven't been my favorite.  I am a person who lives in Minnesota because I like the change of seasons.  But I'm not a huge fan of the extended extremes.  If I complain about the cold weather... I mean the really cold weather like what we've been experiencing, I will always have that person saying "well if you don't like it, move".  It's such a stupid  thing to say.  You can live somewhere and not like a portion of the weather that is inevitable in the area.  But this cold snap is not common.  It hasn't been this cold in 27 years at this time of year.  On the upside- it doesn't last forever, and that's part of what I like.  The weather keeps changing here.

Minnesota Lake Boasts World's Biggest Ice Fishing Competition
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One thing about the milder temperatures that we were experiencing, up until the last couple of weeks, is that Lake Superior was in danger of warming.  And when it warms it has an effect on the ecosystem.

Lake Superior actually needs to have the colder temps with ice forming on the lake to maintain it's ecosystem.

When there is less ice on the lake, the water absorbs more of the sun's rays, causing it to continue to warm – and Lake Superior's waters are already among the faster warming in the world. Warmer waters could make Superior more hospitable to invasive species, harm the lake's current ecosystem, and could create the right environment for harmful algae blooms, researchers have said. The lack of ice can also contribute to faster shore erosion.

So, even though I'm not a huge fan of the sub-zero weather, I do recognize the need for it.  There are reasons why we have the weather that we have in certain parts of the world.  It needs to be the way it is for everything to work the way it's supposed to.

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