Are we just cold all the time? Gluttons for punishment? Perhaps a never-ending need for something that tastes like Fireball?

That test of next-day regret in every shot! Photo by Leviosa Hou on Unsplash)
That taste of next-day regret in every shot! (Photo by Leviosa Hou on Unsplash)

According to, Minnesota's #1 favorite-est sweet treat is gluten free, fat free, and burns so good: Hot Tamales!

HAWT! via Amazon)
HAWT! (via Amazon)

North Dakota also likes to feel the burn. Upper Midwest states loving the hot cinnamon treat makes sense: it gets cold, and we're obviously gluttons for punishment for living where the air hurts our face.

But New Mexico can't get enough year-round heat. K.

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My personal favorite Halloween candy - Reese's Cups in most of its forms - is #1 in Iowa, Kentucky, Florida, Wyoming (BOOO!), and New Hampshire.

Everybody's favorite candy to hate - candy corn - is somehow overall more popular than Snickers and Butterfinger. The waxy abomination is only #1 in Utah, but has been creeping up the ranks.

That in of itself is a Sign of the Apocalypse, but I digress.

Rounding out the top 10: M&Ms, Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Starburst, Hershey Kisses (cheapskates!!), Hershey Mini Bars, and Snickers.

Louisiana needs to lay off the jambalaya and voodoo: Lemonheads are the favorite Halloween candy in the bayou.

Georgia candy lovers want to be pirates: Jolly Ranchers are the favorite in ground zero of The Walking Dead.

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"Lucille's got a treat for you mother trickers!" (via AMC)

I can't get over people liking candy corn more than Snickers or Butterfingers. Let the zombie apocalypse begin.

H/T: CandyStore

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