When you've just about exhausted Minnesota's options for "must see" attractions, you need to head to the Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport and take a gander at the state's tallest escalator.


MSP says they have completed the monster escalator leading up to the parking ramp, after working on it all summer.

This giant escalator is just over 118 feet long and clips along at about 100 feet per minute. This new escalator beats out the Guthrie's big moving staircase in height by over 8 feet.  The Guthrie escalator is 47 feet tall and the new MSP escalator is just over 55 feet tall.

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It takes about 75 seconds to ride and transport about 9000 people an hour.

It's kind of just in time for no one to really use it much.  Airport traffic has been way down since the pandemic. So there is no word on when the parking ramp, the final destination of the escalator, will actually open.

So, if you are in the area of MSP and have nothing to do, take the kids to see the "big damn escalator". It will be a thrill for all.

There are bigger escalators elsewhere. In Silver Spring, Maryland they boast about having the longest escalator in the Western Hemisphere. It has a length of about two football fields.

I suppose if I just happen to be at MSP, I'll have to take a ride just to say I did.

Check out the video below





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