And the hits of 2020 keep coming.  We've had to deal with so much this year, changes, cancellations, quarantine, social distancing, isolation, hospitalizations, and the list goes on.  Now, we are into the time of the holidays.  Normally a lot of time with family and friends, holiday parties, and a LOT of get togethers.  None of that is really happening on a regular basis, and definitely not in the normal way. Now, Santa visits are jeopardized.


But, the Mall of America has teamed up with the Candy Cane Institute and have created  a virtual visit with Santa.   I'm sure that people's wish lists are quite long this year, and it sure would be a bummer not to be able to have the annual and traditional visit with Santa.

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If you are interested, this is how it works.

Mall of America, along with The Candy Cane Institute are taking online reservations beginning today, Dec 1.  Tickets are $20 plus tax and include:

This isn't probably the way everyone would like this to happen, but in a year of a pandemic including shutdowns and cancellations, at least this is a way that the Santa visits can still happen.

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