These crazy bastards reign from Cormorant Lakes area of Minnesota. Just some guys having some stupid and sometimes dangerous fun.

Since launching their YouTube channel, CBoysTV, the are at about 500,000 subscribers and growing every day with a variety of stunts.

Recently, they jumped a jet ski from one pond, over a dirt road and landed in another pond. The DNR got wind of what was going on and the CBoys were issued 2 citations. One for operating a watercraft without a life jacket and one for careless operation of a watercraft, according to conservation officer Jacob Swedberg.


"Anytime someone goes into the water this time of year there are many factors that can play into it, hypothermia, things like that," Swedberg said, adding: "When you get a stunt where you see someone thrown off of a vehicle and without a life jacket, you can say it's lucky there wasn't something more severe that happened."

I'm sure we'll be hearing more from these boys. I heard, through the grapevine, that a few of the boys have quit their jobs and making a living off of YouTube.

Check more out on YouTube. Search CBoysTV 

WARNING: Some off color language in the video


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