When it comes time to take the state's roll call, not everyone is on board.  People think that it doesn't matter, even some thinking that it is a privacy infringement.  But it's important to make sure that everyone who lives here is accounted for.  This means so much to the state.  This count will mean what happens with state funding, and also our congressional seats.  And also the electoral votes.

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Since Minnesota had a growth of 7.4%, this was slightly better than the rest of the United States which was at 7.1%.  This is good for us!  First, we get to keep all 8 of our congressional seats.  We also keep our electoral votes.

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This was actually a surprise to some, as people expected Minnesota's numbers to go down with people opting to move to warmer climates.  But that was not the case.  We also had about three fourths of MN residents voluntarily filling out the census report during the initial phase of the census roll out.

Not everyone else was able to keep all of their congressional seats:

Seven states are losing one seat each, including New York, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, Michigan and West Virginia.

The California report kind of surprises me, quite honestly.  They have great weather. But I guess maybe the fires and the mudslides and occasional earthquake might make one think of moving somewhere else a bit more stable.  Even if we do have some extreme temperature swings.  It can be very hot in the Summer and very  cold in the Winter.  Hey- we are one of the few states that actually has 4 seasons.... usually.

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