Another senseless killing of a family dog. it's always extremely sad to lose your dog but stuff happens. Dogs get sick, hit by cars and it's still very sad. It's when someone might have purposely shot your dog that anger trumps the sadness.

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According to FOX 9, charges filed in Todd County against Jordan Burns, 30 of Browerville Minnesota was hunting deer near Clarissa on November 6th and shot a yellow lad named Rooster.

Burns told Todd County Sheriff's deputies that he "saw a dog chasing a deer." He says he fired at the deer and was "unaware that he had hit anything."

Another hunter in the area says that "there were no deer in the area at the time the shot was fired, the dog was recognizable as a dog and the grass was short."

Rooster, a 3 year old yellow lab, was the family dog of the Winkler family. Tony Winkler isn't buying the accidental story. "He was trying to kill him, I believe,"

Evidently, Rooster got off his leash and took off into the woods. Another hunter actually brought the deceased Rooster back to the Winkler's and they noticed right away he had been shot in the neck.

"I couldn’t imagine that happening it doesn’t make any sense," Tony, a deer hunter himself, said. "Too often people don’t report it, they don’t even bother calling the sheriff, they just accept it which shouldn’t happen,"

Burns has been charged with a felony count of mistreating or torturing animals as well as misdemeanor criminal damage to property.  I hope he sits in jail for awhile and loses his hunting privileges in Minnesota forever.

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