You know, every once in a while someone in government comes up with a pretty good idea and this is a great example of just that.

I would think that one of the most nerve racking things for any law enforcement when making a traffic stop standing beside the car as the driver digs through all the different compartments in their car attempting to locate their registration and insurance, etc. info.

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What is this great idea that the Minnesota Department of Public Safety came up with?  it's called the NON REACHING-POUCH.  This is a pouch that a driver can keep their driver's license, registration and insurance info in and have it in plain sight. You can attach it to an air vent, visor or any other place that is fairly visible, relieving some anxiety for the officer that pulled you over.

This not only makes a traffic stop safer for the police but also for the driver being pulled over. With NOT-REACHING-POUCH there is not the nerve racking wait for the driver to dig through center consoles, glove compartments or anywhere else in the car that could be hiding a possible weapon.



Minnesota Department of Public Safety
Minnesota Department of Public Safety

The intent of the 'Not-Reaching-Pouch' is to store a person’s driver’s license and insurance card in a special pouch that’s kept in plain sight in the vehicle on an air vent, sun visor or other visible location.

I recommend that for everyone's peace of mind, that you get one of these for your vehicle. According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety's Facebook post, the Minnesota State Patrol will be handing out the Not-Reaching-Pouch during various community events throughout the state soon.

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