We've been seeing a lot of news on the tent communities that are around the twin cities metro area. Both Minneapolis and St. Paul.  The community has had to be moved a couple of times as well.


Think about being homeless.  Living in a tent.  I'll be honest, I don't even like being in a tent just for a weekend camping trip.  It's uncomfortable, inconvenient and dirty.  And it's a choice that I have to do or not to do.  For some people, there is not choice.

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Earlier this year, there was the proposal to build a some tiny homes.  They would be either single or double occupancy for the homeless.  This seems so much better than the tent.  At least it's 4 actual walls around you.  At least it's some sort of security and shelter again, much better than a tent.

These houses are located at a church in Maplewood, and being provided by non profit sources.

"We think that the current model cannot meet the scale of needs in our country for homelessness," said Anne Franz, Settled chief operating officer and co-founder. "This is another solution that can really help us scale to meet the need."

A few people and families will also be moving into some of the tiny homes.  These people are not necessarily homeless, but want to support the people who are going to be moving into these homes. The families who are doing it said they want their kids to grow up knowing how important the focus of this movement is.

In addition, the Settled team will be revamping part of Mosaic Christian Community's interior to add amenities, such as a shower, for community members to use. The total cost of each household, including the repairs to the church, is about $50,000.

Tiny house- definitely better than a tent.

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