Joshua Moltzan of Detroit lakes was recently sentenced in Becker County Court on a 1st degree controlled substance crime. According to court records, he sold some meth and marijuana butane oil to an undercover informant on June 19th of last year.

Six days later his home was raided and officers found 48 grams of meth, over 4 grams of heroin, 3.6 grams of cocaine, fentanyl patches, pot plants, a large amount of cash, numerous firearms, ammunition and a digital scale.

This is what caught my attention. They also found and seized 48 snapping turtles, that he was using for meat. In Minnesota, it's illegal to possess more than 3 snapping turtles.  Who knew?

This past October, Moltzan was sentenced to 65 months in the good ol' St Cloud Graybar Hotel, with was stayed for 30 years. He was ordered to serve 25 days in jail and credited with as much for time served. He was also fined $1000 and $1645 in court fees.

Hopefully, he learned his lesson and will stay away from hard drugs and quit hoarding all the damn snapping turtles.

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