This mask thing.  I have never seen  so much folderol as I have with this whole mask mandate.  How can a little 4 in (approx) piece of cloth cause so much anguish among Minnesotans and around the country? Whatever the reason you are for, against, or indifferent, albeit not many are the latter, here we are with a Minnesota mask mandate.

Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Climate Of Anxiety And Changing Routines In America
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I have heard so much of the "it doesn't work", it's "my choice", "I'm giving up my freedom", "you can't make me", "there is no law", "it's my right to choose" and finally, "I have a medical condition, so I don't have to wear one".  Whatever is your "reason" for not wanting to wear a mask when you are out in public, there are some things that are true and some that are just not accurate.

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Let's address the one that says "I have a medical condition and I don't need to wear a mask".  Oh, and that no one can ask what the medical condition is...while that last part is actually true, it also doesn't mean that you just can go around not wearing one in a public indoor setting.  The business still has a responsibility to their other customers.  So what should happen if a person is claiming that they don't have to wear a mask for some mysterious medical condition that they choose not to disclose?  The business needs to offer some options such as curbside delivery, online options, delivery to their home option, or a shield instead of the mask.

For more info on some frequently asked questions, check out this link from the Minnesota Department of Health.

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