Last week, dinosaurs were seen entering the Minnesota State Fairgrounds (with a little help from friends).

For the first time ever, Dinosaur Adventure Drive-Thru is coming to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. Following news that the State Fair will not happen this year, organizers have been delighting fair-goers with announcements of revised, new events and activities. Last week, they announced a unique drive-thru experience featuring 16 different food vendors, activities and entertainment along a 1.5 mile route.

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On Friday, Dinosaur Adventure announced on Facebook that it was bringing its own drive-thru experience to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds for the first time ever.

"Meet just a few of the 80 dinosaurs you will see. Our 40-foot T-Rex! , 30 foot tall Allosaurus and more - all from the comfort of your vehicle."

The dinosaur drive-thru is available for just two weekends starting July 31 through August 9. Dates are:

July 31, 2020
August 1, 2020
August 2, 2020
August 6, 2020
August 7, 2020
August 8, 2020
August 9, 2020

The entire experience features 80 dinosaurs including a 40 foot T-Rex, 30 foot Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, and more...all from the comfort of your vehicle.



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