I've had a few friends who have moved to Florida to get out of the cold weather in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  This week our weather has been relatively the same.  The difference is that here in Minnesota we are all like "wow, it's really nice out".  In Florida they are looking for their jackets, turning on the heat and complaining like we do during a polar vortex.


But are Minnesotans more 'cold hardy' than people in warmer states?

Turns out “cold hardiness” has little to do with our bodies, it’s mostly our minds.

“There’s nothing in our body that makes us cold hardy,” Hennepin Healthcare emergency physician Dr. Ashley Strobel says.

“It’s because we’re mentally used to this, we’re prepared. It’s an attitude. It’s a perspective.”

Think about it this way, in Minnesota, a 40-degree day in October, you’re running to grab your coat.

But 40-degrees in April it’s like bring on the shorts!

Same temperature, same place, but mentally it’s different.

It's all relative.  When we are used to the warm Summer weather and the Fall weather hits, it seems super cold.  But when we are used to something around the zero mark, then 30 degrees seems like a Summer day.  There are some other factors that play into this as well.  Like how fit you are, your metabolism and if you are living a more sedentary life or if you are on the go most of the time.  All factors.

But, it is more expensive to live in the cold weather.  This is factored in with both heating bills and clothing.  You need less of both of those in warmer climates.

Dress in layers, people!  And to the Floridians who are "freezing"- MAN UP!

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