Police were called shortly after 8;30 last night to the Eau Claire Walmart for a shoplifting in progress. They were informed that a woman and her dog had shoplifted items from the store.

After arriving at the store they found Lisa Smith, 46, screaming in the entryway. They also learned her son, Benny Vann was causing a commotion inside the store.

Employees had asked Smith to leave the store after she started dismantling store displays and putting the items in her cart. After leaving the store Smith was seen doing karate moves in the parking lot. Her dog ran back in the store and took off with a box of muffin mix.

Smith was arrested and fought with police and attempted to kick out a window on the police car.


While all this was happening, Smith's son Van was in the back of the store, where he disrobed and exposed himself to customers. He then took clothes off the rack and put them on and attempted to leave the store without paying for the clothes. He also attempted to run into an officer with his scooter.

Both Smith and van were arrested on multiple charges. Bo, the dog was issued a warning for theft, no kidding, and taken to an animal shelter.

Just another night at Walmart.

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