Jealousy is an ugly emotion. But really? I can see a guy getting angry with his roommate, if he came home and caught him in a compromising position with, say maybe, his girlfriend, wife, etc.  But stabbing his roommate for touching his sex doll while he was out, is a new one.

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There is a guy from Moorhead that is facing multiple charges relating to and incident where he allegedly slashed his roommate for touching his sex doll while he was not home.

Mathew Gilbert is facing 2 charges of felony 2nd degree assault along with a misdemeanor charge of 5th degree assault.

Police were called last Tuesday night for a report of a knife assault. The victim told the officers that his roommate had cut him with a knife and had cuts on his hands and face and was reportedly bleeding badly.

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According to the police report, the victim admitted entering the assailants room and at some point put a blanket over his roommate's sex doll,.  Maybe, she was cold. When the Gilbert returned he noticed the blanket covering his "girlfriend" and confronted his roommate.

The men argued and the roommate stepped out to have a smoke. When he attempted to re-enter the apartment, the door was locked. Once getting in, he was attacked with a knife.

Gilbert is looking at a possible 17 years in prison if convicted on all charges. Gee, i'm betting by that time all the air will have leaked out of his "girl".


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