I've been doing this morning radio thing since 1993. I gotta tell you, I think it out to kill me.


When I first was approached to do a morning show. I flat out said "no". After all, I'm by nature a night owl. They told me, "You'll get used to getting up at 4:15".  Well, it;'s been over 25 years and guess what? Never got used to it.

I used to joke about snorting instant coffee while I waited for the real stuff to brew (not recommended, just a joke). So, anyway, I'm up at 4:15 and I do actually add some cold water to my first cup so I can chug it. Then I enjoy a couple more cups while digesting the early morning news.

When I'm finally awake enough to use the shower without the water pinning me against the wall, I shower and out the door I go. Oh, yeah, to do remember to get dressed most of the time.

I guess when I boil it down, it's not so much the early hours that get to me. It's the feeling I'm missing something by going to bed at eight o'clock. So, my solution is a 3 hour power nap in the afternoon and I'm good til 11:30. I'm pretty sure this isn't the healthy way to go but so far, I'm good with it.


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