What does that sound like?  Yes, it sounds like that, and that is what it means.  Average sized "junk".  Oh, and a really nice smile.  That is actually what came in first as far as what women find most attractive in a man.

Couples poolside
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There was a survey done with over 64,000 women, and that is what the results came back to be.  Average.

I feel like that is not really a surprise, but society and movies would lead some to believe another thing,  Oh, and another biggie (no pun intended) was kindness.  I love this one, because I think that is really one of the most important things as well.  You may be attracted to someone's looks at first, mostly because that's what we see.  But after a bit, how you treat others is way more important.  This is something that is lifelong.  So, I'm all about the kindness deal.   But, if you're good looking too.. that doesn't hurt.  Let's be honest.


What do you find most attractive in a significant other?

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