From time to time I post on my neighborhood over by SCSU. There is always something going on involving the police. Drug busts, gunshots and, of course, the case of the scorned girlfriend that rammed here boyfriend's parked car several times in a rage.

Sometimes, I swear, I could just turn off my TV and pull a chair up to the window. It might be a whole lot more entertaining.

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Since I live in Fargo, I usually spend my weekends there except in the summer, I head up to our lake cabin near Detroit Lakes. During the week, I rent an apartment here in St Cloud.

This past weekend, it was good ol' Mother Nature that launched an attack at my apartment building. Mother nature combined with a little help from gravity caused a 12 foot retaining wall, that my parking space butts right up against, to crumble and fall leaving my parking spot covered with large blocks of concrete.

Any weekday, this would have been disastrous since my Jeep Cherokee would have been parked right where the majority of rubble landed. Luckily, it was a weekend and my car was not in it's spot.

The girl that has the spot next to me was not so lucky. Her car suffered substantial damage and I'm thinking that it's probably totaled.

My guess is to what made the retaining wall decide to come down is that the fence that was installed above the wall, just last year, had it's posts pounded down behind the wall allowing water to accumulate behind the wall.

This eventually caused the wall to give way.

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