I remember seeing this moving in the theatre when it first came out...and now it's the 35th anniversary of that movie.  I officially feel very old.

Dirty Dancing is actually not a great movie if you are looking at all of the technical things - and if you were looking at it from a critic's point of view.  BUT it had an all-star cast, and a few of them are no longer with us.  One of which is Patrick Swayze and another being Jerry Orbach.

For some reason, this movie became iconic with many quotable lines throughout the movie.  Probably the most famous one being "No one puts baby in a corner".  This quote has become a GIF, a quote used in several other movies and shows and even the name of a song by the band Fall Out Boy.

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As we are now at the point of celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Dirty Dancing, you have an opportunity to see the movie on the big screen once again.  It was actually shown this past Sunday.  If you missed it, you have another opportunity this Wednesday at 7pm at Parkwood Theatre in Waite Park.  This is the one and only showing left of this movie on the big screen... until another momentous anniversary, I'm guessing.

Anyway, if you would like to attend this showing, and head back to the 80s again, you can get your tickets in advance by going to the Parkwood Theatre website.

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