Austin Texas' Alamo Drafthouse recently kicked out a customer who was allegedly texting during the showing of the movie.

I hate to admit it, but I pulled into the Elk River Theater on Sunday to catch "X-Men: First Class" (it is incredible) and yes, I texted during the showing.

Let it be known I was alone and there was no one sitting near me, but I digress...

Good thing it was Elk River and not the Lone Star State.

The Texas Texter was lead out and NOT given a refund.

She was a little upset about it and left the theater a voicemail in which she openly shared her thoughts on the expulsion, the theater and it's policies regarding cell phone usage.

In return, the theater took the voicemail and used it in a PSA they now show before films.

She's quite eloquent. We should offer her a job.