There's a good chance you've seen other video's from these folks. Their YouTube channels are @Dude Dad, @You Betcha, @Charlie Berens and @The Holderness Family. 

They decided to collectively bring their humor together and do a very funny video. It imagines what it's like for husbands waiting in a Target parking lot, while their wives are shopping inside. They discover they're all doing the same thing and decide to form a group.

The YouTube @Dude Dad channel describes it like this:

Every day millions of husbands are left unattended in Target parking lots. We are now starting a Husbands of Target movement to band together. Join us, we have beef jerky. - Dude Dad (YouTube Channel)


So many great lines in this video...

 "Between 2015 and 2018, I actually completed my doctorate online while waiting for my wife"


"I clip coupons for her now so we can head to Target and I can hang out with the guys while she does...whatever she does in there"


The video has even spawned it's own Facebook group, "Husbands of Target Official Group"

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