Being in radio, April Fool's Day has always been a challenge.  The pressure to top last years prank would turn yoMoneyur hair gray. In recent years, I've all but given up on doing pranks on April 1st because I've found there is no way to top a prank I, along with my morning show partner at the time, pulled off in the early to mid nineties.  At that time there hadn't been a newly designed bill in a very long time.  The U.S. Treasury announced they were introducing a newly designed $20 bill.  So, on April Fool's Day, we ran public service announcements saying that the new $20 bill was out and the old twenties would only be good until midnight Friday.  So we encouraged people to go to their bank and exchange their old $20 bills for the new ones.  Needless to say, there was mayhem at the banks in town as people rushed to exchange there old twenties before the deadline.  We got in big trouble but it was worth it.  Remember, tomorrow is April Fool's Day, so don't trust anyone. Just like any other day.

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