About a year ago, a friend and myself were invited out to Surly brewing in Minneapolis. I got some behind the scenes footage and was really blown away by their whole establishment. Of course, my favorite part of the whole experience was sampling fresh beer right off the assembly line.

Everything we tried was incredible, but there was one beverage in particular that made both my friend and myself light up like a kid on Christmas. That beer dear reader, was the Dots and Loops IPA. I distinctly remember both of us looking at each other after the first sip with eyes wide open, mutually thinking "My God, what have we just discovered?!"

It is hands down, my favorite IPA of all time. While most IPA's are bitter and tart, Dots and Loops is a rather fruity and sweet. It's ABV is 6.7%. Definitely a bit more than most beers (which is standard for Surly) but it certainly doesn't taste like it. It sports undertones of mango, orange, and pineapple for a slightly tropical texture. It's the perfect IPA for pretty much any time of year and available in stores now.

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