I don't live in St Cloud. i live about 160 miles away and just go home on weekends. So, I'm in town for 5 days a week and tend to eat out at fast food joints more often than I probably should.


It's a constant experiment on what to eat when I venture out in search of nourishment, and I use that term loosely,

Taco John's. I tend to order the #3 which consists of 2 Soft Shell Tacos, Potato Oles' beef, small with a side order of nacho cheese.

Wendy's, I tend to go with the # 1 (small), a Single Cheeseburger with Fries and a Coke

Culver's, 2 piece Cod Dinner with salad and fries. A little spendy at around $14 but very good.  Otherwise I go with the Single Butter Burger with Fries and a Coke,

Subway is a easy one.  12 inch Turkey with white American cheese, pickles, tomato, lettuce with mustard and mayo.

And finally, Cashwise has a great chicken dinner at the deli counter with a reasonable price, around $7

Okay, it may not be the healthiest of choices but I do also crock pot some pretty good stuff. It's just a pain sometimes to cook for one.

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