Yes, I know.. it's the W sauce.  That sauce that tastes really good, and I don't even attempt to pronounce.  It's spelled Worchestershire.  And people pronounce it something like WorchesterSURE or something similar.  See?  I have no idea.  Just easier to say the W sauce and everyone knows what I'm talking about.  Sometimes I get that very well meaning person who says "Laura, it's easy... it's just..." and then rattle off the name of the sauce that I still don't attempt at pronouncing.

various dip sauces
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In comes the dialect of the area.  How we say the names of things that people in other parts of the country say differently.  And everyone laughs at the way people pronounce these foods if it's different than the way they do.

I feel like the old Electric Company episodes that had the two silhouettes with each saying part of the word... Wh  At... What...  yeah.  I'm not doing that.

Nuts, Legumes and Flax

So, I guess you can tell where someone is from by the way they say certain things that mean the same thing.  Oh, and by the way, Almonds... the L is silent.  it's AHmond.  But it's acceptable to sort of combine the two. 


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