Today is National Cat Day.  Why is there a National Cat Day?  What are we supposed to do with that?  Go buy a cat, play with a cat, kick a cat (kidding on that one) but really... what are we supposed to do with this?

China Photos, Getty Images/20th Century Fox/ArcaMax

Well- I dug up some facts on this subject.  Only 14% of people say they are cat people.  46% say they are dog people and 35% say they are both, and 5% say they HATE animals.  Really??  How do you HATE animals.  That's just kind of evil.

Laura Bradshaw

Most people do have some sort of pet in their home, but more recently it's been found that the millennial generation has the bulk of those animals.  But there is the issue of payment for these pets.  It's a thing that you need to budget for, about $1000 per year average.  That really doesn't seem like that much over a year.  But sometimes there is something that comes up and it's a much bigger expense.  Like some sort of surgery.  You are supposed to put aside money for "in case of" type of thing.  Most of us don't think about that.  Then suddenly... there's a giant expense.  Credit card to the rescue!  UGH!  Interest.. and other issues then.

So- with more people having pets than children earlier in life- time to start saving.  And maybe some sort of pet insurance should become more readily available.  That just seems like the best idea, right?