There are all these national whatever days.  But this one has to be the best!  I love National Cheese Day!  This is the day, as far as National food days go, that I can totally get behind.  I LOVE cheese.  it has to be one, if not my absolute favorite food.  I will admit that there are some gross cheeses, like brie.  Yuck, and some of the stinky ones, I don't care for those either.  But all in all, cheese is g-o-o-d.

But what do we get for National Cheese day?  I mean, on National Donut Day there were free donuts everywhere.  But National Cheese Day? What do we get for that?  Just a day to enjoy cheese, apparently.  In fact, 23% of Americans put cheese on their food all the time anyway.  And the other 77% probably don't have a weight issue... kidding!  Cheese can also provide protein.  String cheese- eat that after or before a workout.  See?  Cheese is good!!

Dylan Rives- Getty Images
Dylan Rives- Getty Images

To celebrate, I'm having a cheese sandwich for lunch.  So there.


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