How can you possibly go wrong with this?  Chocolate chips go into so many things, first of which comes to mind is chocolate chip cookies!  Cookies being my favorite dessert, anyway.  You can even do versions of that.  AND you can add chocolate chips to so many other things too.  How about banana bread?  Weird?  Don't knock it until you try it.

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Now, here's a fun fact... one that isn't actually so very fun.  2% of people hate, yes, HATE chocolate chips.  What's the matter with you?  How can you not like something that delicious hat is also so versatile?

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Have you ever eaten them straight from the bag?  I have, not the whole bag, but a handful of milk chocolate chips?  Yeah, Baby!!  What is also good is dumping them into a little bit of peanut butter... the classic.  YUM!  Oh, then you can get white chocolate chips, which isn't really even chocolate and you can even share with your dog.  That's the best!

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You can even incorporate chocolate chips into other types of food that aren't even dessert... how about a nice mole sauce?  Yes... there is a recipe for that too.

Chocolate chips have to be one of life's perfect foods.