Here we go!  It's another "National Day" of something.  And this time it's National French Fry Day.  What does that even mean?  It's weird.  I get the National Ice Cream Day when the beginning of Summer roles around, but the National French Fry Day?  Hmmm

French Fries

This is what the site for National French Fry Day states:

So, what do the French call these things in France?  I'm guessing it's sort of like in England... they are called 'chips" and potato chips that we know here, in America, are called 'crisps'.  Ok... so if I am in England and I order chips with my food, what am I going to get?  Fries.  Something more familiar- fish and chips.  Which is fish and french fries.

So, now you know.  So, what is the most popular french fry?  As far as fast food goes, McDonald's still is the king of the french fry.


What's your favorite?

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