My thought is who DOESN'T love waffles? I love all waffles.  Whether they are the Eggo kind- like toaster waffles, Belgian waffles, waffles you get in a restaurant, or the kind you make yourself like at a brunch at a restaurant.


The funny thing, is that the key demographic is older women in the South.  That is definitely not the people I thought they would be focusing on.  Kids, like toddlers and small children came to mind first.  Like the ones who ask for pancakes in cute little shapes and such.  Not older people.  And not Southern people.  Why?  Maybe it's that whole waffles and chicken thing.  To be honest with you, I don't get that at all.  Why would waffles and chicken go together?  Have you had it?  Is it good?  Too weird for me.


This day, however, is something that needs to be celebrated.  And it needs to be celebrated right now.  I'll go with the kid factor over the older Southern women, all day.

Happy waffle eating!!!