So, today is National Wine Day.  So let's all drink some wine!  My favorite is white... and actually a bit of the sweeter white wines such as a Moscato or Riesling.  Some of the dessert wines are WAY too sweet.  Good grief- how can someone actually drink some of those wines.  It's sort of the equivalent of drinking a boatload of Mr Misty's at DQ.  Do they actually even make those anymore?



Anyway, statistically red is the most popular wine.  Figures.  Second came whites, then sparkling and rose', rounding out with dessert wines.  Not really a surprise.  But to me reds almost seem trendy.  Do that many people like that dry and bitter taste of most red wines?  Just like an IPA when it comes to beer.  I don't like those either. Too hoppy.



Here is another statistic- there is only a small group of people who will drink an entire bottle in one sitting... unless it's Boone's Farm.  I think that group is far higher.  I mean, doesn't everyone just swill that out of the bottle?  No pouring needed.  But I do think that group seems odd- and small.  I mean, a bottle of wine is essentially only 4 glasses.  That really isn't that much.  Relatively speaking. If you went out for a night you would probably drink more than 4 drinks.  I think maybe it's because you think 'oh my- I just drank an entire bottle of wine myself!'.  Meh- go ahead.


Anyway- here's to celebrating!  On a Tuesday!  Oh- and we need more wineries around this are.  Would be fun to do a winery tour as well as the craft beer tours people are doing.  Right?  Here are the wineries in the area, by the way.