When we flew out of Minnesota last week, I did purchase some coffee before we left at the airport.  Now, I understand that airport prices on just about everything is high.  I mean, I saw $8 for a big bag of M & Ms.  So, I know that prices are high there, I just deal with it  But now there is an extra charge as a "hospitality fee".

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I thought that was strange, I hadn't seen that before.  But after that, I saw it on several reciepts for food, drinks, etc.  Sometimes it was quite a bit, like anywhere from 2-3% up to almost 10% in some cases.  If that happens, where does that go?  Do you still need to tip?  I'm saying yes, but how much?  The regular 20%? Or do you adjust to the amount that your food order actually was?  Or what is the answer here?  And also, another question, where does that "hospitality fee" go?  To the server or to the business or split among everyone working?

I feel like I need more information.

I found this when doing a quick Google search.  From Toast tab:

Service charges are becoming increasingly common in the food service industry as well. Restaurant owners may choose to add a service charge to a bill for various reasons, including but not limited to:

An automatic gratuity for large parties

A bottle service charge in a bar or nightclub.

A room service charge for a hotel restaurant,

A mandated delivery fee for online delivery orders, such as pizza delivery

A banquet event fee or catering service charge

At this point, they would need to specify what exactly that is for... if it's for gratuity, it should say that.  If that is the case, then you know not to tip again, if it's a fee because of a special service, then you know that you do still need to tip on top of that fee.  It's not clear.

If I am tipping a server, I would like it to go to that particular server.  Some of those other fees do not always go to the server, they go to the business.  Might be a good idea to just ask in those cases.

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