Ok- I'm all for a bourbon type ice cream dessert.  But when you start mixing actual steak INTO the dessert you've sort of lost me.  YUCK is my initial reaction.  How can that possibly be good?

scoop of vanilla ice cream

I really like Longhorn Steakhouse.  And if you've been to one, you know what I mean. They have great food, awesome atmosphere and usually really good new and temporary menu items that they roll out every so often.  But this time... I'm not so on board,

Here is the thing...

What's your initial thought?  If you click on the quote above, there is also a poll that you can take.  Last I looked it was 50/50.  So, obviously some are very intrigued, and some feel just like I do.  No steak "sprinkles".  Just no.


What are your thoughts on this?  Would you try it?  I would maybe try someone else's.  I'm not ordering the thing.

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