It's now been 7 months that we've been dealing with this pandemic in Minnesota.  Remember the "2 weeks to flatten the curve" statement?  Here we are... 7 months and still going.

Now, coming up, we  are going to be getting into the holidays.  First, Halloween.  That one already looks weird.  The CDC's recommendation is to  hold off on any trick or treating, and some other traditions are falling by the wayside.  Doesn't seem like that is going to change any time soon.  Then we have Thanksgiving on the way.  CDC is saying that the best thing to do is to just celebrate with immediate family--the ones that you live with.  And of course, then we come to Christmas.  Here in Minnesota, with the snow, cold and wanting to stay warm, we generally get together INSIDE.  But now, they are saying that is one of the worst things that you can do.  The holidays are going to be so weird this year.

But now, there are ornaments that will be available to decorate with that show the nature of the time.  The pandemic.  Is this something that we really want to recognize?  I feel like it's just something that maybe we can put behind some point.  Right now, I found these ornaments available on Amazon.  But I'm sure that they will be sold at our local big box stores such as Target, Walmart and probably even the more high end  department stores.  Maybe hit up the Mall of America.  They will probably have a good supply.  Sigh.

Ornaments with the characters wearing face masks, showing hand sanitizer and other things that go along with the time... it's 2020 people. And the hits just keep coming.

Is this something you will want to purchase?  I know that people like to get ornaments that show the year... it's a tradition. But is this one that we really want?  I feel like I would forego the mask and hand sanitizer ornaments and just stick with the standard 2020 ones.  But you do you.

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