Actually, not new rules but rules I would like to see happen.

#1. NO carry-on unless it fits under your seat.  And I mean, fits under your seat easily.  Not where you have to lay in the aisle and push it under with both feet.

#2. If carry-on is allowed,  all passengers without carry-on should be aloud to exit the plane first and then the others can have their little carry-on circus.

#3. Have 2 seats in first class to raffle off.  Anyone that wants, can buy a raffle ticket when they board, pick a winner for  two  1st Class seats

#4. Have the option to choose which TSA agent gropes your stuff.  Either that or require they all be attractive.

And finally,

#5. If explosives are found on anyone trying to board a plane, that person will be escorted to a bomb proof room where said explosives will be detonated.  Problem solved.

I'm sure I could come up with more...stay tuned and think about the above rules next time you fly.