SARTELL -- Sartell's commitment to single family residential development is starting to take shape.

Mayor Ryan Fitzthum says there are two unique residential areas being planned for construction this spring.

The Gates at Blackberry features 22 private single family lots near the golf course, giving the neighborhood a gated community feel.

He says with the new high school completed, development around Blackberry Ridge golf course was a natural fit.

We've recognized that area as high potential for future residential growth. So we knew it was going to start building out that's why we made the enhancements to Pinecone Road to support future growth in that area.

Besides the golf course there are many attractive features for the community, including being near the new high school, connected to city services and tied to Sartell's 46 miles of walking/biking trails.

The second residential offering planned for this spring is Northern Meadows which is a large lot development (1-7 acre lots) located near the five points area.

Fitzthum says the development's are a testament to the council's renewed focus on single family home growth.

We've taken very proactive steps over the last year to meet with our home builders to understand how Sartell can work with them and bring new homes to Sartell. We wanted to be very intention in driving single family residential homes.

Fitzthum says The Gates at Blackberry development will go before the planning commission next month, before seeking council approval. If approved the lots will be available by late spring.

Back in September the city council put a year-long moratorium on multi-family housing to allow them to review their comprehensive plan and decided what makes sense for single-family, multifamily and commercial developments in Sartell.

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