It's kind of a novel idea. It's a a line of soaps that smell of things that may bring back some good memories.

if you are a camper, The people at outlaw Soaps have a soap that will leave you fresh, clean and smelling like campfire, whiskey and gunpowder. It's called Fire in the Hole.

If that's not your deal, you might want to try Mountain Hideout. This one will leave you smelling of damp earth, pine trees and campfire.


Outlaw Soaps has a variety of memorable scents to set you apart from the flowery crowd. Like Blazing Saddles which they claim is the "sexiest soap ever". It has the scent of warm leather, sandalwood and gunpowder.

Russ and Danielle Vincent are the brains behind Outlaw Soaps. Their mission is to let you find "a way to connect yourself with happy memories, goof places, inspiring environments and more than anything, to remind you to live your best life".

Other soaps they offer are Lust in the Dust, Hair of the Dog  and Unicorn Poop. They also offer lip balm, lotions,colognes and whatever else they come up with in the future.

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