I'll be honest- I had no idea that hunting/trapping wolves was even a thing.  I basically thought that if a wolf was threatening you or a family member, or some other human, you could shoot them, but I didn't think that actually hunting them was a thing.

Minnesota DNR states that this subject won't be on the table until at least March of next year.

Former President Donald Trump put an end to the "Endangered Species Act" which protected certain animals including gray wolves in the United States.  But, that did leave states themselves to be in charge of what happened within their own states.  Minnesota had wolf seasons in 2012-2014.  Since then, it's been illegal to hunt wolves.  Now, it's being discussed for the 2022 hunting season.

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According to an article in the Star/Tribune, Wisconsin had a wolf season that was to last about a week, but it was cut short because people were hunting and trapping double the amount of wolves that was allowed.   Again- am I just naive?  What for?  Unless they are a threat, why?  Sport? Hides? Other factors?  I'm not sure of the reason for hunting and trapping wolves.  I'm not on some PETA trip, I just didn't know it was a thing and I'm not sure why it would be.

But in any case, it looks like next year, after March, it may be something that is allowed again in Minnesota.  

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