There has been so much controversy over this mask mandate thing.  Some, most states have a mask mandate, there are a few that don't.  But even in the states that do have one, some people are still resistant.  And in states that don't have a mask mandate, there are still businesses that require one.  And what happens when people are against it?  Well, it can get a bit interesting.  Everything from people just turning around and walking out of the business (which is what you should do if you  don't want to wear one) to people having an outright freak out inside the store because they don't want to wear one.  It's gotten pretty crazy.  It's also been crazy going the other way too.  But anyway.. .what to do?


So, this guy... he's a youtuber named Allen Pan  has created a "mask launcher".   It shoots a mask onto the person who isn't or has refused to wear a mask around other people, or into a business that requires one.

Well, with this whole controversy, what could possibly go wrong?  I mean, c'mon. No one is going to be upset or  maybe claim assault or anything else. Really, what could possibly go wrong?

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This is kind of hilarious.  I would love to be around there person when he actually tries to do this to some unsuspecting person.  That might be worth a Youtube video right there. I think everyone would want to see what the reaction would be by someone on the receiving end of this thing.  Stay tuned....

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