We've had a lot of snow in Minnesota this winter and I love seeing people make the best of it. A guy who did just that is 29 year old Tanner Charles originally from Kingston, Minnesota who put his bed on saucers and was towed through the streets of Minneapolis.

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I just have to question just what possessed Tanner to do this. There was certainly some danger involved and I wouldn't recommend anyone taking on such a stunt. That being said, sometimes poor decisions make for great stories and this is one of those.

Tanner spoke to bringmethenews.com and said "I’ve had this idea for years, and it just felt like the right time to do it. We had about a day and a half to find the materials and build it. We looked on Facebook marketplace for the right things that we needed such as the frame and nightstands,"

Tanner's buddy Buddy "Rocketman" Michaelson of Rocketman Parachutes built the bedsled in his garage.  "When I told him the idea he was all for it!" Charles said. "It was a great help in helping me pull this off."

"I would say one of the main reasons for doing this was just to have fun. I’ve always seen people, snowboarding and skiing behind cars but never a bed! I want to do something unique, so when Minnesota was gearing up to have this historic snowfall, I knew it was time."  said Tanner.

They tested the bed for safety and making sure it was as well put together as possible. "The last thing we wanted to happen was for someone to get hurt. And even though the photos and videos look crazy, we really did try and keep safety at the forefront of the whole thing."


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