I was cooling down over the way fans were treating Minnesota fans in Philly, but now after this video, I am done being 'Minnesota nice'. You aren't leaving MN without bruises, even if it's just to your over-inflated egos.

I wasn't planning on even watching the Super Bowl because I just wanted to be done with football for the year and move on to something more productive. NOW -- I'm putting on the red, white and blue for a night and joining a million other Minnesotans who'd love to see you take a dump on February 4th.

Even if there was an Eagles' fan left in Minnesota, you've converted them to a fan of the Patriots for a night, while you play your sacred game in our town. You might want to cover that smug face if you ever plan to come here, cause you've put a warrant out for yourself sir! Pfft.

And by the way, your Minnesota accent sucks...