This doesn't sound appetizing in the least.  Starbucks just rolled out a new Christmas drink and it sounds super gross to me.

Enter the Juniper Latte for the holidays.  Yuck.

Starbucks Opens Tatami-matted Tea-house Style Store In Historic Kyoto
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I feel like Starbucks keeps trying to reinvent the wheel.  I thought the unicorn drink was gross, then there was some other weird looking thing- was it cotton candy or something equally as disgusting?  Do people really like the taste of pine?  I know that people like the scent of pine during the holidays.  But the taste???  I don't know.  Although, people do drink gin.  And that basically tastes like pine needles if you don't get some kind of flavored gin.  By the way- the flavored gin is good, in case you were wondering.

As far as this latest Starbucks weirdness goes, I'm probably going to just stick with a white mocha with a shot of peppermint for my holiday drink.  It's good and it tastes like the holidays instead of something tasting much like a pine air freshener.


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